Since you have a rebellious nature, you are ready to change everything and to innovate at a moment’s notice. You are creative and have a way of thinking that sets you apart from most other people. You do not feel hindered by what you may perceive as inefficient rules and procedures. When you consider them outdated, you have no hesitation about replacing them in the name of innovation and an irrepressible need for change in order to be better prepared to face the future.

Be careful! With your rebellious personality, you are inclined to switch back and forth between two main tendencies

  • (+) You have an innovative tendency that allows you to be a visionary who thinks outside the box and finds alternative solutions that meet both present and future challenges.
  • (-) You have an anti-establishment tendency that causes you to be constantly on the lookout for novelty. You want to start everything anew and brush aside anything that already exists, and this can create chaos at the business.

Your maxim

Without innovation and change, there is no hope.