When you have a conservative personality, you are attentive to rules and norms. You respect the culture and the ways of doing things that were already in place when you took over the helm. Established traditions have a great influence on your decision-making.

Be careful! Your conservative personality gives you two main tendencies

  • (+) You have a tendency to be mindful of the history and traditions of the business that has come under your control through the transfer process. You stand up for them because you are a strong defender of the past.
  • (-) As a guardian of tradition, you have a tendency to follow routine, which means that you are not inclined to take risks and not attentive to changes in your environment. Taking refuge in convention, you have an attitude and a mindset that prevent you from adapting and renewing yourself. This makes it difficult for you to introduce necessary changes to the culture and traditions of the business, and to revamp its older methods of production and sometimes outmoded ways of operating.

Your maxim

Stability is absolutely fundamental to success! If something has always been done in a certain way and it still works, why change it?