Many actors are involved in the transfer process and have an impact on the way it unfolds: the incumbent, the other owners (if there are any), the successor or buyer, the employees, and in certain cases the incumbent’s and the successor or buyer’s families. These actors’ interests, personalities, values, and priorities influence their behavior as well as their decision-making during the transfer process. It is essential to keep in mind that the transfer of a business is not simply a technical exercise (with rules, plans, choices, transfer procedures, etc.). It is also a human undertaking with political and social dimensions (rivalries, struggles, arguments, conflicts, etc.) that force the various actors involved to negotiate with one another and position themselves on issues.

To gain more insight into your personality and interests as they pertain to the transfer process, you can do one of the following quizzes:

Moreover, to evaluate the actors involved in the transfer process and the type of influence that they will have on it, you can use Mendelow’s Stakeholder’s interest/power matrix. It is a tool that will allow you to understand the interests of each of the stakeholders in the transfer process as well as the power that they have over decision-making.