When you are a transition tsar, your goal during your entire career at the head of your business has been to maintain harmony between the main social spheres: the family, the business, and the employees. A strong advocate of continuity, you act as a leader in the transfer process. Often your spouse helps you promote your values and those of the business to your children. In your business, you try to make sure that all your employees share your values.

Key issues for a transition tsar

  • (+) Your family values, the values of your business, and the values of your employees are in perfect harmony, a situation that should make possible an ideal transfer process.
  • (-) You insist a great deal on the necessity of a transfer within your family without considering the other possibilities.

What will the transfer of your business look like?

  • When you leave the business, you will be sure of the harmony that reigns between the different social spheres.
  • You will have a strong preference for a transfer within your family because you will want to ensure that the management and the ownership of the business remain under your family’s control.
  • Your choice of a family member to succeed you will be based on his or her capacity to maintain harmony both in the family and in the business.
  • If a transfer within your family is not possible, you will consider an employee buy-out as a last resort—as long as their values coincide with yours and with those of the business.

Your maxim

Move forward all together in the same direction because harmony ensures continuity.