A monarch’s period of transition is long, even interminable, for potential successors or buyers. As a monarch, you see yourself as indispensable to the successful operation of your business. Therefore, you have no desire to hand over the reins to someone else or to make room for the arrival of a new team. You would like to stay at the helm until you are completely incapable of managing the business (because of sickness, your decease, etc.). In no way foreseeable, your succession is not at all discussed.

Key issues for a monarch

  • (+) Your strength is your excellent knowledge of the business, the industry, and the competitive environment.
  • (-) You firmly resist the idea of delegating power and handing over the reins of the business.

What will the transfer of your business look like?

  • You will remain at your business until your last breath.
  • You will leave your business at the latest possible time in your life.

Your maxim

Without me, the business would fail. Without the business, I would be nothing.