When you have an ambassador’s personality, you leave behind the duties and responsibilities that you had as the managing director of the business. However, you remain at the business as its symbolic representative.

Key issues for an ambassador

  • (+) You take on symbolic roles during the transition period, giving your successor the time to take full control of the business.
  • (-) You are very (perhaps too) aware of your symbolic power and its influence on the success of the business, and this prevents your successor from taking complete control of all aspects of the business.

What will the transfer of your business look like?

  • You leave your position as managing director, but you continue to play an important role by becoming an ambassador for the business.
  • You will prefer a transfer within your family or an employees buy-out, for only persons who have been in frequent contact with you can hope to inherit your cherished reputation and maintain the competitive advantage of the business.
  • In choosing your successor, you will look for someone who will have no difficulty understanding that your symbolic power gives you indisputable legitimacy and influence at the business.

Your maxim

The business is me! Therefore, my symbolic presence adds inestimable value to it.