The challenges connected to business succession have an impact on all of us both individually and collectively. This is why the Chair of Succession and Family Enterprise at HEC Montréal decided to update the website From Success to Succession. Although there already exist a great many websites devoted to business transfer, ours offers key information and useful tools for incumbents and successors in a way that takes into account the human dimension of this complex process. The goal of this website is to stimulate the succession process and, by doing so, to promote the emergence of dynamically competent successors and buyers who are well prepared to take over businesses.

To ensure the successful transfer of a business, both the incumbents and the new generation of managers and owners must understand the following:

  • The key issues of the business transfer and succession process;
  • The relevant contexts that influence this process; and
  • The role of each of the actors involved.

By mastering these key aspects, outgoing managers and owners as well as successors now responsible for the future development of a business will ensure that they are satisfied with the outcome of the process.

On this website, you will find useful advice and tools that will help you take up the challenge of successfully completing a business transfer. However, each business transfer is unique, and you must adapt the proposed methods and strategies to your specific situation.