From Success to Succession is a project that was first conceived and implemented in 2008 by our colleagues from the Chair of SME Development and Succession, with the help of partners from the private sector.* The website was redesigned in 2021 by the Chair of Succession and Family Enterprise as a continuation of what our former colleagues had prepared. We updated the information and tools presented in the older version of the website, connecting them to current research interests of the Chair of Succession and Family Enterprise. From Success to Succession offers a contemporary take on succession issues, one that will allow incumbents as well as successors and buyers to engage with a complex and promising challenge.

The goal of the website is to explain the various issues that can be encountered during a business transfer. The website offers some interesting new features, including two personalized quizzes that allow incumbents and successors to improve their understanding of their interests and personality, and to meet the unique problems and opportunities they will face in the business transfer process. Moreover, the toolbox has been augmented to address current concerns.

We hope that this new website will be a stimulating guide to all those who undertake the business transfer process.

Enjoy your visit to From Success to Succession!

*Banque Nationale; BCF, Avocats; Fonds de solidarité FTQ, PwC; Secor.